• 9. B_W drawing of Lengelt and his own house, garden side, 1926

    De Koninck received a particularly challenging commission: the construction of a studio-house on a site next to his own house

    The client was Jacques Lenglet, an “artisan decorator” who aspired to be a painter. Lenglet, a remarkable man whom De Koninck described as “a communist with a totally free spirit“, chose the architect because of the startling simplicity and anti- bourgeois character of his house. He defined a very strict brief which, in the architect’s words, “determined the architecural conditions fairly rigidly“, the principal requirement being a six-metre-high wall for the hanging of large canvases.

    Text by Francis Strauven, doctor of Architecture and teacher at the Institut Supérieure d’Architecture, Belgium. Extract taken from the book “Louis Hermann De Koninck, Architect of Modern Times, published in 1989 by Maurice Culot and the Archives of Modern Architecture