• 32. b. schroeder house

    β€œIt is no doubt owing to the detailed study, by the Archives of Modern Architecure in Brussels (since 1968) that De Koninck was mentioned in Michel Ragon’s latest historical work and correctly situated in the recent Visual History of Twentieth-Century Architecture in which Dennis Harp compares the Lenglet Villa, built by De Koninck in 1926, with the houses which Gropius built in Desau in 1925-1926 and the famous House of Falling Water built about the same time in Bear Run by Frank Lloyd Right.
    This was in order to underline the fundamental divergence which exists between a striking illustration of European doctrinaire functionalism β€” closed forms, square plan, endless surfaces of the white envelope β€” and the stimulating spatial character of American organic architecture based upon daring plan articulations.”
    Text by Robert L. Delevoy, Archives, Modern Architecture, Brussels