• 1. 1Head shot De Koninck

    1924, personal House, avenue Fond’roy 105, 1180 Brussels. Proposed for the Minimal House of the CIAM exposition in Frankfurt, 1929
    1926, Lenglet House, avenue Fond’roy 103, 1180 Brussels. Fourth prize Van de Ven 1929, published in La Cite Nr9,1929; Stein-Holtz-Eisen, Francfurt, Nr34,1929; Bauwarte, Coln, Nr33,1929; etc…
    1929, The Haverbeke House, avenue Brassine, Brussels
    1931, Villa Canneel, avenue I. Gerard, Brussels. Le Corbusier had made a project for the Canneel house in 1929, which has been replaced by De Koninck’s. Unfortunately the house has been destroyed in 1970.
    1932, Ph. Dotremont House, rue de l’echevinage, Brussels. A very fine example of De Koninck’s architecture, built for a rich art collector, and still in its original condition.
    1933, Villa of parents L.H De Koninck, Godinne.
    1934, Villa of the Docteur Ley, avenue Prince d’Orange, Brussels.
    1934, Villa Nisot, Rhode-St-Genèse.
    1936, Workshop for the sculptor Puvrez, avenue du Prince d’Orange, Brussels.
    1936, Group of 6 small houses, 5 flats and 1 shop, Coghen Square, Brussels.
    1936, Fond’Roy Residence, Avenue de Foestraets, Brussels.
    1936, Villa Berteaux, avenue du Fort Jaco, Brussels.
    1937, Villa of Mr Nice, “Villa Paquebot”, Le Zoute.
    1938, Engineer Franck’s House. avenue de l’Uruguay, Brussels.
    1949, Sea Bungalows for Mr Gobert, Oostduinkerke.
    1951, Villa “Les Acacias”, avenue des Hautes Dunes, Coxyde.
    1965, Gobert’s House, avenue Fabiola, Sterrebeek.
    1968, W De Koninck’s Building, avenue Louise, Brussels. Building with eight levels and imaginative building principles